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Get to know our vision, mission and values

Monferrato Consulting is a boutique consulting firm specialized in strategic and operational Hospital Management, Human Resources and Interim Management.


We are committed to develop lasting solutions for our clients

We develop projects for companies from different sizes and sectors, providing personalized solutions based on knowledge and experience we have acquired through our more than 20 years of experience in the Healthcare sector and Human resources management.


Multisectoral experience at national and international level

Our national and international experience has taught us that even if, at first, companies from the same industry seem to have similar challenges, each one has their own particularity, culture and objectives. That is the reason that our aim is to provide personalized solutions to each of our clients requirements and challenges.

"There’s no shortage of remarkable ideas, what’s missing is the will to execute them."

Seth Godin

Why choose Monferrato Consulting?

Our experience is based on having faced and solved similar predicaments in companies we have worked for and, where we have dealt first hand, with each phase of these type of projects, hence we know and understand the challenges that you are facing. It is about applying functional specialization together with, best practices from different sectors where we and our network have worked.

  • We have successfully dealt with the predicaments and needs like yours for years.
  • We have prefessional, sectoral and intersectoral know-how.
  • We strongly identify with our clients projects, we understand the challenges you are facing and we strive to provide you with the individualized solutions, even for issues that you might not yet be aware of.
  • We have a singular methodology that combines market best practices with more than 20 years direct experience in the field.


To be a reference in the national and international arena, for providing solutions that add value to the business, helping companies in their transformation process and optimization of resources, allowing them to achieve greater profitability, agility in decision-making and a higher commitment from their employees.


To understand the needs of our clients by offering individualized solutions that can allow them to achieve the change they aspire.


Honesty. Prioritize the interests of our clients by offering objective and realistic solutions.

Teamwork. Sharing our knowledge and experience in an environment based on mutual trust and respect.

Passion. For our work and for the success that our clients can achieve.

Innovation and creativity. In the development and generation of specific solutions for each client.

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