Specialized in strategic and operational Hospital Management, Human Resources and Interim Management.

25 years creating timeless solutions that will help you reach your Company goals.


To be a reference in the national and international arena, for providing solutions that add value to the business, helping companies in their transformation process and optimization of resources, allowing them to achieve greater profitability, agility in decision-making and a higher commitment from their employees.

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To understand the needs of our clients by offering individualized solutions that can allow them to achieve the change they aspire.

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Honesty, Teamwork, Passion, Innovation and creativity are the four values with which we feel identified in Monferrato Consulting.

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Monferrato Consulting

Who are we?

Monferrato Consulting is a boutique consulting firm specialized in strategic and operational Hospital Management, Human Resources and Interim Management.

Over our 20 years of professional experience we have learned that although companies in the same sector seem to have similar problems, each one has its own peculiarities, culture and objectives. For this reason, we focus on providing companies with personalized solutions that meet their needs through a theoretical and practical framework that safeguards the singularity that makes each one of them, unique and irreplaceable.

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Our services

We are committed to develop lasting solutions


Development and implementation of business plans, market analysis and positioning, improvement in Customer Service and Customer Experience...

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Healthcare Management

Recursos Humanos

Development of change management, reengineering of business process in the organization and in the Human Resources department, development of dashboards and reporting for top management and managers, analysis and evaluation of IT systems to align technology with business and company’s processes...

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Human Resources Management

Interim Management

Interim management to cover executive vacancies at a critical time when it is key to have them filled, business transformation and key project management, crisis management, sudden or unexpected departure with little time to fill the position.

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Interim Management


Our work methodology is based on the analysis, identification and implementation of strategic solutions based on industry best practices and in our national and international experience.


Understanding customer needs is essential to be able to offer customized solutions, therefore a complete situation analysis is necessary to objectively determine those organizational areas of your business that need more attention.



Identification of areas of action

Present and validate the findings of the analysis to the company's management, establish priorities and define possible areas for improvement.


At this point, and if necessary, we can perform the project management functions to ensure that the approved measures are correctly implemented within the agreed deadlines.

Implementation of solutions

“Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.”

Theodore Roosevelt

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