Human Resources Management

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  • Change management
    • Identification and validation of the Company’s vision, mission and values.
    • Development of change management actions plans for all organizational levels.
    • Communication plans.
    • Design of HR policies in line with the organizational culture.
  • Reengineering of business process in the organization and in the Human Resources department
    • Study and understanding of the business.
    • Analysis of organizational structures, hierarchies and processes.
    • Proposals of new organizational models.
  • Development of dashboards and reporting for top management and managers
    • Identification of the objectives and sources of information.
    • Identification of benchmarks.
    • Determine the content and level of detail by organizational level.
  • Analysis and evaluation of IT systems to align technology with business and company’s processes.

“The first thing is to know your faults. And then take on a systematic plan of correcting them.”

Babe Ruth

Human Resources Management

Development of Human Resources policies

We help you to define and develop Human Resources policies aligned with your strategy and organizational culture targeted to manage the entire work life cycle of your employees.

Development and definition of compensation systems

Employees' compensation systems play an extremely important role in attracting, motivating and retaining the necessary workforce in the organization. Analyzing and implementing these optimized systems can guarantee the success of your company.

Development of the performance evaluation process

Measuring the performance of each member of your organization, in the competencies and objectives of their job, it is an essential part of Human Resources management. At Monferrato Consulting we support you in the developing, implementation and analysis of these metrics and procedures.

Development of objectives and incentives

We can assist you to boost the performance of all members of the organization through an efficient and personalized incentive plan.

Interim Management Services in Human Resources Management.

”Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.”

Tony Robbins

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